Tattoo contests


– Best of Realism
– Best of color
– Best of Saturday

Anmeldungen: 17h00
Contest: 19h30


– Best of Graphic / Abstract

– Best og Black & Grey

– Best of Sunday
– Best of Show

Anmeldungen: 15h00
Contest: 17h00


– You can register at the office, at the hall entrance. First come, first served.

– Entries are limited to 30 contestants per category.

– All exhibits must be made during the weekend of the convention.

– To participate in the “Best of Day" categories, the tattoos MUST
have been started and finished the day of the contest, during the
opening hours of the convention.

– To participate in the “Best of Show" category, the tattoo MUST have been worked on during the three days of the convention.

– To participate in Best of Realism (or Color – Graphic – Black &
Gray… etc), the tattoo has to be presented at registration to ensure
that they are in the correct category. If there is no project, the
tattoo artist must make the registration himself.

– The tattoo artist's name can NOT be revealed at the time of the
registration or presentation in presence of the jury. The tattoo artist
will be called on stage at the award ceremony, if he wins, to receive
his prize.

– ONLY the work of PRESENT tattoo artists (as in present with a
booth) can enter the competition. If the tattoo artist is not present at
the convention, the entry will be automatically disqualified. The prize
will then be awarded to the next entry in the ranking established by
the jury.

– In no case shall the members of the jury be approached before the
contest by an artist, a participant or any other person wanting to
influence the votes.

– Any breach of these rules will lead to disqualification by the jury and / or the management of the event.